Monday, September 28

cops, oh geeze

Seeing a pattern here, no its not about the mean one, its about cops bothering me in my work for something as useless as parking on a street that has no "no parking" signs. Stop time on an average account would be about 15 mins, save the time wasted by a cop with sirens and lights a flashing questioning me about why I parked on a street with no "no parking'" signs near or with in sight????? cost me an additional 15 mins on this stop. A new cop too, couldn't have been more than 21...A necessary evil, cops! Indian Hill and your gonna give me a # about parking in the street? Come on Joe, can't you be fighting real crime, I'm sure there's a robbery or murder going on somewhere!

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1 comment:

The Jules said...

Saying that always makes them more sympathetic to you!

I try and add "I pay your wages!" as well.