Sunday, October 18


Just hanging out on Sunday morning, listening to some Pink Floyd music. A particular album called, Zabrisky Point. It is actually a sound track to a movie of the same name. I have not seen the movie, so don't ask what its about. lol
Spacey blues we will call it.

Originally named "Pink Floyd Sound" the band was formed by Syd Barret with some old school friends, Rodger Waters, Richard Wright and David Gilmour.

The early Pink Floyd with Barret in the band had a rather whimsical tone, the debut album called "The Piper at the Gates of Dawn" was named for an old fairytale book Syd was familiar with from his childhood.
Roger Keith Barret was nick named Syd as a teenager.
This site has some interesting snip-its of the band.

July 7,2006- Syd Barret went to "The Great Gig in the Sky"

Bookmark and ShareRight now I am on a Pink Floyd kick, listening now to an album called "Obscured by Clouds"

Its a great collection of bluesy tunes, with a bit of the Pink Floyd signature to it.

Morning routine moving right along, I have showered, and shaved, have to look presentable to the folks at church. I am now coming down the stretch to get dressed and head out for church. No I'm not naked, I just need to get out of my pjs and ready for church.
I will be listening to Pink Floyd when I get back home, have a good morning, all. :)

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