Sunday, October 18

Codec in short

Just before I left I began a download of the Pink Floyd album I don't have in my collection. Umma Gumma by name, a double album, one studio and one live. All I found in my choice of dl files was a .flac. I did leave myself a reminder note to discuss file extensions. The file extension is the letters/numbers after the dot(.). We are all familiar with the Mp3 extension, this is a compressed file which is decompressed when you open the file. Is a handy file as the compression makes it take up less room on the hard drive. An average length song will usually take up about 4-5 megs. A file extension you may not be familiar with is .flac, Free Lossles Audio Codec. Codec stands for Compression Decompression. This file is stored with different compression rate (2:1) and therefore uses up more file space, what you gain by this though is a better reproduction of the music, higher highs and lower lows. I could take the time to explain but not in a blog post beyond mp3 compression only needs store data one time, music being repeating data is perfect for an mp3.

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