Saturday, October 31

Had a great one

ok, like I said I would fill in the info as it came available.  2 things on the agenda last night, live music and computer repair (or tweaking). I started the evening over at a friends place helping him understand a little more about his computer, did a system restore, not so sure that really helped. The computer has updates ready but won't take quite a few of them. I think he ignores the updates as they come and doesn't install them and that has a way of making the computer... well for a lack of a better word, mess up. So I will check with him again today and see if any progress has been made.

Live music!! Great time last night; got out to see my old guitar teacher, Rocky, on stage at Maloney's East. The band is called Loose Shoes and they were doing all the old blues stuff, a little Beatles, and just sounded great. I walked in during a song and I could tell Rocky recognized me and gave me a friendly grin.  It was a ways from where I live, so I went easy on the alcohol. After the first set I was drinking a pepsi and stepped out to talk with Rocky and have a smoke. The bartender comes out and says I can't take the pepsi out side, takes the glass says it will be in waiting for me. Laughing I see Rocky has stepped out with a beer, he says you just need to be sneaky; gestures the beer under his coat. It was nice the way Rocky introduced me to his friends and the band as "an old friend". Well I had a great time. 

Well Happy Halloween everyone, I will be carving my pumpkin later and I'm sure I will post the pictures... Have a great one

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Happy Halloween to you as well.

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