Friday, October 30


The following entry has about nothing to do with the image (obtained here) but I really like the picture. 

I was checking my email today after a very short day at work and turns out the guy who taught me guitar lessons for a few years is going to be out at a local club here in Cincinnati. The club is actually only about 2 miles from where I lived when I was in high school. It is part of the development of the Beechmont strip in Anderson twp. An ongoing process.  Long ago it was an Ihop and is now a cool little Irish Pub/Show club for local musicians. 
So the plan is tonight to go to Maloney's East and check the doings of a blues/rock band called Loose Shoes. Should be quite a good time. I'll fill ya in when the data is available (haven't done it yet so...)

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Anonymous said...

That is excellent that you could see him perform, real nice!