Tuesday, October 27

just hanging around

yea, I think that's a good shot of me, and fairly current.
Well I was gonna write somestuff but really can't think of anything to write. I'll keep thinking...
So now, I get to put on a new hat, not only am I a lawn technician (licensed in 2 states) tomorrow I get to be a carpenter too. My truck knocked over an already rotted out fence, and I have to fix it tomorrow.

Was trying to get some good fall color pics with my phone, laughing a bit at that near oxymoron, "pics with my phone" ... not great, but you live with what you have. 

So I'm just sitting here at home relaxing,

 thinking I should be writing some stuff for all my fans out there (do note the sarcasm) 

In the case that you were wondering, that is not a lake below the trees, it is a paved parking lot.

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