Sunday, October 25

Sunday late morning 10/25

So here we sit game day once again. Pre-game stuff on the tube so I'll take a few minutes and post.
I am feeling good, great, fantastic and more. Like when I came around the corner to clear the dust,
only this time its around the corner, to the straight away and I'm the one in the lead position.  Got back from church a while ago and ran the sweeper and here I am after a quick lunch at the computer again. This time with more good news. A face I have thought a few times of but furthest for my thoughts this morning, a man I worked under at the old Greenlon Inc back some 10 years ago. Dave Pinson was his name. A great guy, very down to earth, rationally thinking calm guy and showed it in his management style. Also, Dave was a man of religious nature, but still very rational and easy to talk

with. Opening line is Game Day and I go off on a tangent. Bear with me for a few...
Years ago, my daughter had been stuck by a vehicle on her bike. She was tossed, a little bruised, but was ok, the 15 speed bicycle was not so lucky; bent and mangled. Well law being law, driver was found to be "not at fault"... Jas lost the bike. Well hearing this, a few close work-mates decided to buy Jas a new bike. Dave was one of the 3.

So I met up with Dave again today, at church, he suggested we 'do lunch' sometime, I am really cool on that. Gave him my email addy and I am sure he will send me an invite with a contact number soon.

Well the game doesn't start till 4:15, this is cool, I like making my roast during the game, helps to pass the time while waiting for it in the oven... gosh, this is really so simple, I don't know why I didn't do this years ago, cooking a roast that is.

oh yea, I almost forgot, I got myself a 'little' something for Halloween :) Not a bad size pumpkin for $2.99. Should make for a real nice Jack-o-lantern.

I tell you I am so happy today it frightens me a little, nothing really special to account for the euphoric feelings, just seeing life for what it is and loving it.

oh yea, and...
I forgot to mention, I was gonna wait till Sunday to do the grocery shopping but decided I needed stuff immediately, so did the store thing yesterday. That's when I got the pumpkin, duh, lol... but I was looking to buy a roast and everything they had was just a bit on the big side, talked to the guy at the meat counter, he cut it down to just over a  pound, and tied it off again. Isn't it funny how the little things make it all worthwhile?

Well so much for naming this post 'Game Day' though it is game day, not much about the game at all, would possibly fringe on "false advertising."

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