Saturday, October 3

The Landscape Critic in Me

Not sure if I have ever shared the beauty of my apartment with you. From my balcony this is a shot of what I have come to know as the Fountain of Lamneth. Not real sure what it means but Rush uses it to name a song. The fountain here at the apartment complex is nice, and only a little lame. Really what it needs is a bit more landscaping around it, and some benches would work very nicely too.
The grounds here at home have huge potential, but then just like most, the management seems to be afraid of change and progress. I think if they were to double the size of the landscape bed and incorporate some small trees such as dogwood or plumb, we might actually have something here.
A fountain is designed to be the "key" or center of the landscape theme. Here, we have a small center with no real surrounding landscape around it. In my opinion you have the start of a virtual "Eden" here, you just need to build around it.
Very quick search for what I am thinking, but the shot below would define what I am talking about.

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Douglas said...

Have you offered to donate some time and labor along with ideas if management would foot the cost of the plants? He/they/she might not want to because of upkeep costs but it couldn't hurt (much) to ask.

angelzwild said...

Awesome fountain picture!