Sunday, October 4

meeting new

ok, like I said, will get with you in a bit, I'm back. Interesting thing I found, its not really all that difficult. Just standing around the attrium, wishing I knew someone. I push through all the nerves and walk up to this young lady leaning against the wall. "hi, my name is Greg...." so we have a short little conversation, little bit of everything covered, including cats, meeting people and a few other topics. Was alot easier than I thought it was going to be. I get so nervous meeting new people anymore, I used to be so casual with it, just start talking to, man, woman, didn't really matter. Well honestly I have always felt a bit shy with women. But still it used to come so naturally. Well I am going on home now, going to give up my spot on the computer here,
talk with ya later.

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angelzwild said...

I'm so proud of you, keep up the great work.


Lynda B said...

I had some good friends I had to break up with.


Lynda x

Eowyn said...

I say, GOOD ON YA, my friend :)

It gets easier, truly!

I can remember standing in really long lines in various places (when I was single), and if there was someone behind me, I'd say something like, "My daughter will be in college by the time we get through here" or "Don't they serve drinks in this place?!" Of course, if it was a guy, the possibilities were more interesting ;) -- but I made it a point to converse with everyone in lines, if only to make the time go by quicker.

I'm very proud of you, and trust me: You've come farther, quicker, than a lot of people do after a very painful breakup. You're rediscovering you, and finding he's a pretty good guy!


The Jules said...

As an inveterate and possibly annoying talker-to-strangers, I rarely regret it.

Keep it up!