Sunday, October 18

New Tradition

Church was invigorating today, seems to fit the situation every week I go. I walk out a little closer to where I need to be each time.

A new tradition has been started, roast on Sunday. I do a little cleaning, laundry, watch the ball game, or games, but I still have time to make a roast. Heck, peel potatoes and cut up the carrots and onion, the rest is just a waiting game. Not much to it at all. I even find the time to post while waiting for the roast to be done. Now I have the rest of the night to just sit on my butt, do what I want and talk with my new found friends, on the phone that is.

So much has changed, I somehow find myself with a lot of time, which can be seen good or bad, lol
With idle time comes time to think, I make this my meditation time, to consider what it is I really want with my life. Making sure I am taking the steps to see that my dreams and aspirations are met.
Well its now time to go back for second helpings, this roast is really so good, words alone can't describe it.
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