Sunday, October 11


Sunday 10/11/09-

I am again beginning to love Sunday, a day for the spirit, the NFL fan in me, and of course, roast in the oven. I was brought to a new high in the spiritual sense this morning. With the theme portrayed with agriculture things really sank in today. I am truly in charge of my own destiny. The love of Sunday is a great thing, I feel so alive now. My Sundays the past few months have been filled with activity, and I am coming to appreciate Greg, his needs, and understand why it is I am where I am. It is so invigorating to know I do not need what I can't provide for myself. I have learned to be a best friend you must be a best friend to yourself, much in the way that to love you must first love yourself. Church, cooking, cleaning, laundry, and I still find time to sit at my computer and blog, lol.
The Bengals, have pulled another w, wonder of wonders

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