Sunday, October 11

What I need.

This week is the new beginning. This one has left me thinking and happier than you might understand. I am now right where I need to be. That which was taken away never should have been. I am now seeing I am single now because it is what I need. Freedom, time to think and realize without interuption what I need, where to go and who I really am. Not to be selfish, but this is what I need. As a lawn that has had the weeds removed leaving turf only. Grass is not unhappy to be growing by itself, that is how it needs to be. I am now growing with no weeds. This has been the most inspirational church outing I have had... ever!

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1 comment:

Eowyn said...

Ah ... now, in this post, I see PROOF of the Almighty at work -- you have perfectly fit the metaphor of grass to your own situation.

One of the best quotes of all time comes from Albert Einstein, Mr. Relativity: "Anyone who doubts a master hand at work in the Universe is worse than a fool."

You are DEFINITELY on the right track, my friend :) I revel in your happiness, and so glad you're a friend of mine! (Believe me, you're helping ME every bit as much as yourself, in your voyage of rediscovery.)