Sunday, December 13


So she calls (well first was contact via Yahoo Messenger) to wish me "happy" holidays?
Don't get me wrong, holidays are great, its a time of love a time of together and celebration; but I really could have gone with out the nightmare aka "mean one" contacting me. See she left me for another and I wonder how much sacrifice has he made for her? did he move to ensure the child would stay in the same school? did he give up a pet for the same reason? Aside from the bed room how much of his time is hers?

Truth is it breaks my heart to know I wasted that much time on someone so shallow and worthless.

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Anonymous said...

It's not necessarily a mistake you made. People get distracted by others and they move on. Find another, you can do it easily! A new someone is looking for you right now. Find her and get together and make love.


Gregory said...

would you like to get together for a bottle of wine tonight? :)

Not The Rockefellers said...

forgive her and move on...
sounds insane, right?
You'll feel a lot better, I promise..
and it seems as if the rest is taking care of itself :)
Do this as a gift to yourself this year!

Peace ~ Rene