Saturday, December 12

More random weekend stuff

I know I have posted this before, but really this is a new picture, and I just wanted to show off my bedspread again. Change my sheets less than I probably should, but I do make my bed every morning. Its a good thing to live on my own terms.

Changed the sheets today which does remind me, I have some laundry to do still. 

Not sure what is on the plate for dinner tonight, but know in fact I will be having roast beef tomorrow, potatoes and carrots and green beans and all that stuff. Only takes an hour or so to cook, and its all done at once. Just never could time the stuff when cooked separately, you know the ole meat is done but  still waiting on the rice scenario.

Went to the grocery store today and my favorite deli clerk, Melinda (think thats how she spells it) sliced me up some lunchmeat roast beef. Well anyway, I have a sort of friendship with her and that does make a difference :) She even calls me by my first name now.  Did my grocery shopping and man do I know how to stay on budget or what... went to the store looking to spend about $50 got to the check out, few additional items not counted on the list but still I estimated about $53 in the cart, bill rang up at $52.55 ... I even said to the person behind me in line, 53.33, lol. I like to make a little fun for all the little chores I have to do. 

Laundry is just laundry, not much way to make that fun, yea the machine does the work, I just load the dryer, and when that's done... I hate folding clothes, but guess I don't really have a choice. 

My favorite sales line (I have done sales a few times) "It's only a million bucks, but we do take checks"

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Anonymous said...

I always total the groceries in my head too, Try to see if I still have my brains.