Monday, December 14

more buggy news

I'm starting to get the idea that if there ever was life here it vanished and left no clues. seems like there could be or should be life here. I mean what is the sense of having a nearly Earth sized planet and no inhabitants? Unless it is mans destiny too, well sounding too star wars like now. 
Mars Rover Opportunity took this shot of where it is next headed .In case you were wondering.

I wonder what might be under that big rock down there...
This could be the question in someones mind over there at NASA. 
The question on my mind is how come they can't make automobliles more like a Mars Rover? I mean they have been there a few years, no problems and no maintenence. Well the Spirit needs a new tire, well I  guess that gives us enough of a reason to go there. Picture this, a Goodyear sponsered space mission to Mars. Damn, where do I get these great ideas? Think I'll make it a point to stop by the Firestone store and let them know what their friends over at Goodyear are planning. 
Brings me to another topic, personally I don't care what sporting or concert venue you sponser. I am not going to switch banks because of it, but then I might be more apt to purchase your products and /or wares if you sponser a NASA mission. Just some food for thought.

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...Mrs.P! said...

I would totally buy tyres from the company that sponsored a mission to Mars! I would buy anything from someone who sponsored a mission to Mars! how could would going to Mars be?!? It can't be that hard can it?...LOL!