Monday, December 14

Drug deal at Wally World

ok, its night time, and dark, the "black hole" is my gray bengal tiger aries, the box next to him cost me $14 I'm a bit peaved! its just a box of cardboard. When I found this at wally world (walmart) for $14 I thought it would have some pine board and maybe even a sheet of carpet. Its just a cardboard box, shit talk about a rip off!! I'm sorta pissed.
but the cats do like it and it may just save my sofa. oh did I mention it did come with a baggy of catnip? lol..... drug deal at wally world.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Cats are great, I have one. They are so thoughtful! And fun to play with, or should I say, I love to play with my little ...... (kitty)?