Tuesday, December 29

watch for broken glass

You know I sometimes wish my x wife would read this 
we had  a great 10 years, yea it ended ugly, I was practically a basket case at the end "ceremony" called divorce signing. So I was thinking this one New Years Eve party Christy and I were having. I forget the year, its all so fuzzy now, being almost in another life from here. We were at the house in Clermont county, it was a nice tri-level ranch.  Was replacing the worn, painting the old, this n that, well anyway it was a nice house. So bout mid night we are on the sofa in the sub-terranian room, the one down 1/2 a flight of stairs. Now this room was at that time a work in progress. We hadn't replaced the over head lights yet. They were that style from the late 70's, box squares with grass covering them.  I had the bottle of Champagne in my lap working the cork out of it. You know what happened... boom crash, yes, that light's pretty much history.  lol It was sorta a good thing that happened; it got me moving to get that room fixed up like we wanted it. Replaced with track lights.  Truly was a great time in my life, I was so lucky to have a wife like Christy "was".... Guess would be we just started growing in different directions. Not that I wasn't to blame too. I look back now, how things might have been a little different, but then, if life didn't go the way it did, I wouldn't be where I am, and I like where I am. Just goes to prove, for 'it' to happen, I had to be there, I am in my world, infamous.

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Not The Rockefellers said...

2010...OWN it, for you. Learn who you are, what is it that you want for yourself?

No compromises :)

Peace ~ Rene

We are all on the same path, apart, but together.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes it's very common for young couples, as they age, to mature IN different directions. This divides the relationship.