Sunday, December 27

Road Trip and Melynda

Ok so as most of you know Saturday is my run around day. Thought on the way back from Kentucky I would take a shot or two from inside my "little green monster". I just can't get over the way people are in such a hurry to get nothing done these days. The monster, see above, has a cruise control, I set to 55mph and people passing me like I'm a snail or a slug, blows my mind! well anyway... nice day, especially consider it is December, day after Christmas. 

So after the long trip from Covington I bypass the exit to go home and a few more exits up I71 I take the Ronald Reagan Hwy over to the Blue Ash exit and go to the Kroger store (local grocery super what ever) and slowly make my way through the store. Grocery shopping for the week was done the other day I just knew I had to have forgotten something. Well I couldn't remember what it was, but I got some cheese just to make sure. Terry and his wife were coming over for a pizza party, I wanted to have crackers and cheese while we waited.  Blue Cheese is pretty darn expensive. So I get 2 small chunks of blue cheese, different cheeses. Melynda was so helpful in my choice... 
This girl is just so cute, I will go to the deli and when my number comes up, even on a busy day I wait till she can take my order. She knows when I am there I get roast beef, rare, sliced thin, knows I like ham, and is getting to know me a little better. I really like making new friends.

Life seems to be going pretty good here lately, even  with the ticket bs that went down last night, not like the stinking thing puts points on my license or is going to break the bank, but jeeeeze, $115 for one little bulb being 1/2 burned out. So I do with out a little and soon things will swing back around. Its ok, cops are the necessary evil in society. 
Heck, I do what I want to do when I want to and this is such a nice thing, and the no fighting is such a double bonus. Another plus to life now is feeling like I'm at home here and not in someones way or cramping their style by just being here.  Think I can really get used to this 'no one to consider other than me ' life style.

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Anonymous said...

You really like her, that's great!