Sunday, January 3

dang, its cold out here

ok its Sunday morning, late morning at that; I drag myself up, look outside. Hell no I'm not going out today! I missed, or more like "changed my plans" last night. So I get in the green monster, mind you the alternator is about shot, so I am happy every time it starts up; the heat blower is shot, and several other minor probs with said vehicle. So I am headed to Anderson Twp, a 35-40 minute ride. I wanted to see a local band playing there, well stop for coffee for the trip out and drive, lets says about 4 blocks.  Decided, it is to freakin cold to be doing this. So I park the car (green monster) in front of what would be the dive of dive's in my little one horse town. Stop in and order up a beer.  I took a couple swallows, listening to what I would have to consider the most mind blaring, loud and abrasive of songs on the ole juke box. Look around the bar. Now I'm not the most judgmental of people, well you got me, yea I am. The clientele in this "lovely" establishment fit the music to a T... One beer is about all I could handle on that scene. Felt friendly so I left the 3 quarters on the bar and back home I go. Now friends, I will tell you, if its quality you seek, if its good music you seek, and you seek to hang with upstanding, responsible people; don't cross the RR tracks, there are about 5 gin joints in this town, each one a bit more of a dive than the last one. I'm really not that judgmental, I just know what it is I am looking for. Oh, wasn't worth the effort to take a picture.

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Anonymous said...

Did you at least think about the 5 gin joints? There might have been good company there.