Sunday, January 3

Me or The Mountain

I lived some of my youth in Georgia. Man, what a set of memories to go back to. Dad was doing motorcycles, camping, fishing, mom was busy with the girl scouts all the time. Few friends lived right there near by. Life was pretty wonderful growing up in the south. Stone Mountain Georgia. Nice place to raise a family. The mountain was visible just up the street from my house on Valerie Woods Drive. Standing massive, a single boulder, sticking out of the earth about a mile high. Granite, there were several other outcroppings around the area. We could see the south side of the mountain. On the north side is a relief craving, the mountain turned straight down on the north side. Stone Mountain has been referred to as the 9th wonder of the world.* Largest single outcropping of rock in the world. The picture on the right near the bottom of my page will give you an idea how massive the rock and carving are.
Wow, I was intending to write a little about me and I end up talking about a rock??

It really does seem strange... the way we had a civil war in our history and with North having been the victor in the war; makes the South seem more like the enemy. Then the Mountain is used as a theme park Celebrating the Union Army. Carved in stone,  Stonewall Jackson, Robert E. Lee and Jefferson Davis, generals of the Union Army.
Georgia just seemed to be such a historical place to live. The civil was being waged right on the ground you were standing, and the burning of Atlanta, resulting in "Underground Atlanta" and even back to the Revolutionary War, waged on the ground you stood.
Living in Georgia gave me a patriotic feeling as it was one of the first 13 colonies to later become the USA. That really was a feeling I can't really put into words, guess one could say I was proud to live in a historical site.

Guess would be Cincinnati has plenty of history through out; but really, what beats The Revolutionary War, and the Civil War and all that?

John Denver did coin the phrase "Life was mostly having fun" kind of sums it up

*wikipedia proves me wrong

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