Thursday, January 28


Friends are the people you can count on, not only can you count on them; sometimes you actually do count on them. And yes, we do fall short in the attempt to be a friend at times. I know for myself I have supposedly been a friend and NOT been there to count on. Of course I pray forgiveness for this. I did read a little 'sigh' on a blog or web page a short while ago about the friends that come into your life, some permanent, some temporary, etc etc... (but really isn't everything temporary?). As I remember it did hold some truth to it. Even as a 'temporary' friend though, one should strive to be there when needed. We all fill some purpose in the thing we call life. 

  I can say without a doubt, I am not perfect, my advice is rarely perfect and my reasoning is of course flawed. I do what I think is right. My judgment to see right may be bent, swayed or directed by other people and events in my life, and again I would be left to pray forgiveness. 

My intentions have never been evil or hateful, but there again, I am human, and therefore imperfect, please forgive me. 

I feel blessed for the people in my life, not to be selfish but all do serve a purpose. All is as it should be, otherwise we wouldn't be here now.

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