Friday, January 29

The New World

I think you, my regular reader, are starting to get the point that I have an interest in space and space exploration. I use my email as a sort of 'portal' to the different posts available on the different NASA missions. The latest of which is the Messenger Probe. I came across this one, with lots of pics of the 'unseen' side of the planet closest to the sun. 

I have grown up in the beginning stages of the "Space Age" I do think man will step foot on other worlds besides Luna, the earths closest neighboring world. I think the next step is to go to Mars, may not happen in my life time but we will get there some day. I think space exploration is the bridge to world peace. In my day, it was USA vs Russia (USSR) and to an end, came together with shared access to the worlds first space station known as Skylab. The Cassini/Hugens mission is a step in the right direction, the USA working with the European Space Agency to "foot the bill" on what has been thus far a great mission of discovery and exploration. If you really think about it, doen't a world of Allies beat Allies vs ? 

Through history war has been the forefront of technology and advance. Brought us through the stone age into the iron age, to the bronze age and evenually the Nuclear age. Allience is after all based on a common effort or cause. 

Quoting a musical great, Come Together. This time in the name of science, technology and advancement.

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Anna Lefler said...

I agree with you! I've always loved the space program, especially growing up in Houston (our class got to tour Mission Control - so cool!)

Love your blog...

:-D Anna