Thursday, January 7

just another post.

Interesting shot I would say, outside rings, Titan, like a million miles away, and Epimetheus, 415,000 miles away. cool, but really, a moon that small? how bout we call the small moons of Saturn Space Debris? I mean Pluto isn't even considered a planet anymore.

So I was just thinking, climate change, global warming and all that. The Ice Age wasn't all that long ago, maybe we are still coming out of and whats with a little warmer? Around here its the humidity that gets ya in the summer, a few degrees more is not that big a deal. Besides, that means the winter will be warmer too, I could certainly do with out the single digit temperatures.

Now as I have alot of time on my hands I am posting now in few different blogs, yes I have gone mad, I have now lost all control of my addiction to computers and blogging. See this

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