Sunday, January 3

The New Guy

Dinner was great, man I out did myself again. The roast pork was great. Listening to a new musician, Paul Gilbert. Now given if he can put together a discography of some 700 megs, he's gotta be some one right? I personally never heard of him, but then I live a sheltered life... lol
Now you know me, pirate and all, I boot up my utorrent, go to the isohunt page and... well I didn't get the discography, just thought I would start with one album (there I call them albums) called "Get Out of My Yard". Pretty good, as metalish- electric blues would go. I do hear alot of the quick riff "I'm better than you" sounds from the guitar. All in all I would say this is a good listen. Don't try to relax with it, it does have a sound similar to Rush.

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Anonymous said...

How about starting your own cooking show!