Monday, January 4

Late start

Hi Friends, 
up this morning, was a long night last and I am just up with my coffee. Its a good day, a little on the cold side but I don't really need to go anywhere. Shaking the sleep, already got one twitter on the cell, daughter is at school, twitting to her hearts content. Something about one of the profs be in a nut case... college, didn't even have cell phones back in my day. Had to carry quarters to use a pay phone. Times have changed. Not to make you feel ancient... remember when a pay phone was just a dime?

Looks like I can take it easy till Wednesday, boss just called me this morning. Plan is to take down the "Holiday" lights on 2 accounts, store the stuff and then back to staying in all day. No wonder I choose this career, work hard all year till the winter, get fat! do nothing, and still getting my paycheck, ah.... life is good. 

At the risk of drawing one (only one) unwanted viewer, I have set a new blog page, link at right near my cat's blog. I don't know if I will use it, but is nice just in case.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Is that the cat's tail? Tell the truth, Greg :)