Thursday, February 11

For my grilfriend, then its just a rant...

Oh what a beautiful morning... oh wait, that's already a song. 
Well it is, so I guess I am here saying the song speaks volumes of truth. 
So with love I send these flowers to a specific female, (I know you already got them once) ... Just wanted you to know I will always be there and always willing to lend a helping hand.(think there's another song in there)

Strange, I was always under the impression that if less than a dozen flowers should always be in odd numbers, to 'round out' the bouquet.  Seeing this grouping of 6 makes me think twice on that, but perhaps this would have worked better with 7? There does seem to be a blank in the top center of the arrangement. Though I do work in the agricultural field I am not a florist or flower designer. 

In a way, flowers become my enemy from say, april to november. Largest of the flowers I fight would have to be dandelions, what I have come to know as "panic weeds". Was about 2 years ago I was on my way to do an application for a customer. When I pulled up in front of the house there was a 'tree ring' and immediately to the front door side of the tree ring was a dandelion in full bloom! This being the only weed in the entire lawn; but man it stood out like a broken arm... thus the name "panic weed". 

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