Wednesday, February 10

The Games We Love to Hate

Really I'm not much of a gamer but this guy cracks me up. I used to do the Team Racing game, but always came in 8th place, that is out of 8 racers. Like I say I don't game, therefore I don't get good at games. Everything takes practice to get better. If I never read anything, I would not read well at all. If I didn't take a few every now and then to sit down with my guitar and play a bit I wouldn't change chords or do scales very well. I will say this is the reason I can't do a back flip off the fence in the school yard. 

So back to the game thing... I have never been big on the arcade games or video games, when young I did some pinball but not what you would call a wizard. On the list .... well put to simple terms, the games should have been set with a read out of low scores. 

And then there is this game character- 
The score wasn't so important, I just liked the concept of the game, it was a pretty cool.

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