Wednesday, February 10

Neo the Critic

 Staying with MsNeo last night and she pops in a movie, Avatar. She had watched it already, and I was getting all the rave reviews of it from her. Great movie I kept hearing, and she never let the cat out of the bag as to the subject, genre or plot, just that it was a great movie. Well I do have to agree. This movie really got my attention. Became more interesting as the story moved along and the plot began to thicken.  

Now I am really not such a great critic, if I like a movie, I like it, and generally speaking I don't think I have ever really seen a movie that deserved a bad mark. I am of course not a big movie fan, but something comes along and I will watch it, though paying $10 is a bit hard to swallow, I usually wait for the chance to see it for free (could be the pirate in my blood too).

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