Monday, February 15

Global Change

So the snow keeps coming. I have lived here many years, and don't remember this much snow in the month of February. Maybe that's because it has been so long that I have lived here and some of the memories have faded in time. I was in Middle School when I got to this place from Georgia. Ah, Georgia, where it doesn't snow, kids are off school for a heavy frost and then there were the ice-storms. Bing had it all wrong when he wrote the song "I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas". You can have em, and keep em for your self. I personally like Christmas when it was 45* f, there was no snow, ice and the "heavy" coat could have been a jean jacket. If you get the feeling I don't like snow; you would be right, but factor "don't like" by 10 or so.

Global Warming? oh yea they changed the name of that, now its "climate change" because we all know its getting warmer, the polar regions are melting and this with the increase in temperatures will create mass hysteria, and create more snow.

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