Monday, February 15

Got some snow?

Oh how ridiculous can it get. All this talk of global warming, fossil fuels, and man made disaster. Some one give me a coffee break would you? Would "global warming" by definition mean less of this white stuff we have come to know as snow? Think of how each season would progress, is this not the "end of the snow period" it getting a little closer to spring, and with that GLOBAL WARMING looming about.... 

So I guess I have been running my mouth too much, this and that about getting "snowed in" and the mad rush to the grocery store and all that, but... 


Some times, especially during the winter I am so thankful I chose my profession, through some evil way now is time to start back up, get up and go to work and become like the rest of this great land and start paying my dues again. Lets all weep for poor Pirate, have to do out in cold again. Thanks to the snow though, I am putting it off till Thursday ... gotta get the fan in the car working again. 

its not so bad with out heat, the sun will warm the car a bit, its the windows, no way to blow warm air on them.

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Eowyn said...

Hey -- I say BRING ON the global warming. I'm freezing, and I'm TIRED of shoveling snow.


Optimus Primate said...

Nope! Global Warming doesn't necessarily mean less snow, or even consistently warmer temperatures in ever location. Climate is a longterm trend. It shouldn't be confused with weather.

(Conversely, neither can the fact that Vancouver is having its warmest winter on record and is wanting for snow be used as proof of global warming.)

2009 was the second warmest year on record. In the southern hemisphere, it was the warmest. Jan '00 through Dec '09 was the warmest decade ever.

Check out the video I just posted at my blog -- which wasn't, I should add, directed at you. :)