Sunday, February 14

In the End (and not the Rush song) no pictures this time either

There are so many that don't see the progress. Many still feel its a mistake, and as the time wanders, it is becoming apparent to me, like I said right from the start, No it is not. This is the right thing to do, you just don't know what all was involved with our relationship's demise and failure. I am taking the second chance because I can and it has presented its self to me. 

This being said:
I will take you back a few years, to the day I met Theresa, aka MsNeo. I was single, alone, and going through one of the tougher times in my life. The job had changed, through the loss of one job been evicted from one place to another.  Later to be dragged through the coals of an already charred life and still came out like roses; though residing in.... well lets just say not the best of best places to be living.

So... in walks MsNeo, as the one bedroom needed to be 2 and we needed to live about 2 blocks north to be in the current school district of her daughter, I sail to the end of the lease, clean up, find a new place and get moved out, in and collect my deposit. That would have never happened with out Ms. At this point, I had moved for sake of love and found myself beyond the small city, into the abutting Township. Township for some reason just has a nicer ring to it. VS "I live in the city of" I could actually tell the quisitive ones "I live in the township of"... ok... so I'm a bit on terms and names and maybe even a little upity in my ways. TOUGH! I am who I am. So on with the story. We had it rough with that land-person, (note I left out the 'lord' part); and moved another block north, still in Sycamore Township. This one beats em all; dishwasher, central (beats the tar out of radiator heat and window unit a/c) nice neighbors and a pretty nice grounds too boot. 

Bring to the present, Ms having walked out on me, trust me I deserved that kick in the shorts, then she comes back to me, I deserved that too, but only by the virtue that I am truly in love with this woman and was truly remorseful for what I had done. As you should be able to see quite a bit of positive, progressive change has taken place. Including and not limited to MsN gets a newer vehicle, we set up a cell phone account, new computers and software come in the picture. This is all material to this point. There was however a great change of  the  intrinsic sort also. Being in love has a way of doing that to a guy. I was for the most part a happier man, more driven and focused on success. I just can't get over what my feelings for this girl do to me, and for me.

I'm not real sure at this point what the future holds, but I am happy for the present, and will soak up the love (I can tell she really does love me) :)

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