Monday, February 15


Trust me man, I don't have alot of experience in cell fones and prefer to stay away from the mini-computers in a pocket like the cranberry or what every they named that one. So I'm lookin to improve the equipment on my cell plan. Pretty easy upgrade as the phone I have is the cheap, give away all the big cell carriers have to draw you in the door. So all I am looking for is like a flip-phone, with a slide out keyboard for texting. Think they call that a QWERTY keyboard. The plot thickens here... as MsNeo is back and looks for keeps, I want to get her a phone too. So looking at what Verizon has, I had my flip-phone all picked out, she is looking at this env-touch. So I am being helped by the guy I talked to on the phone a few days earlier, Mike. MsN is checking the phone, feeling a bit worried as I was still "I don't need much just talk n text" so why she is looking at the env-touch I say to Mike, write it up, she wants that one. Then Mike tells me "you could get 2 of these, and it will cost less" well shit... wtf... nicer phone, and save cost... I'm in. Not only that but for just another some god awfully low monthly fee get a third phone, and another line for her daughter. I mean I am getting all this just about bargain basement price... Life is really sweet sometimes. 

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