Thursday, February 11

Make your Opinion known

you know I could copy and paste all day to fill my blog with posts and such, but I just get too much enjoyment out of writing. I feel a little more creative to add some words along with an article when I do copy and paste to my page. I have followed blogs that were nothing but articles and others prose, and I tell you it says nothing more than the person is just to lazy to think of something to say or to establish an opinion on the subject posted. This is what I have come to know as Lame! The systematic exchange of facts.... blah blah blah. 
I glance over thinking the whole time, "and how do you feel about this?"  I took a year of Psych and learned that much at least. At least jot some words, give the article a spin... a meaning... though I may not always agree I at least get to know you a little better by knowing. I mean how much fun can it be to read about a disaster if the author just copies some  already written page. Stand up, be counted. I would have to call that "putting your heart into your work"
One example might be, an earthquake of 6.5 mag struck Northern California originating from off shore just a couple days before the Hadi disaster. Of course the one in Hadi did way more damage, this is why it got all the headlines. I didn't even hear about the one in California on the National News.... this must be because I don't sit in front of the TV catching up on the National News. Actually I read about it checking news on the internet. Now its up to us to decide how much Bill Gates should send to Hadi.

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