Friday, February 26

More Than They Thought

We're not talking just one. There are several geysers from the south polar region of the small moon Enceladus. The surface fissures known as "Tiger Stripes". See this page for more details. A very small moon, has a diameter of 504 kilometers (313 miles)  Enceladus has many questions. Everything from "is there liquid water here" to "is there life here"? I  think a mission to Enceladus itself would be in line, however I don't think the budget would allow such... screw the budget, I want to know just for the sake of knowing. I bet a company like Crystal Springs could, in an advertising ploy, afford to sponsor such a mission. I might even be moved to purchase bottled water.
A moon, who would have thought so much? Just a moon orbiting Saturn.

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