Friday, February 26

It's still just a phone

So... alls I need is one of these and you say I can just sell my computer? Really, if I can check my email, chat on line, check on all the web sites, I think you can even blog with one of these. What the heck am I maintaining and paying for a connection from either a desk top or a laptop. This is the veritable mini-computer in my pocket. It goes where I go, I can access all my computer stuff and fitted with a head set I can even get my tunes... online even with that cool website Pandora (only available in the usa) but I'm sure you can use yahell for tunes too. How much can you do with this phone? or would it be more logical to ask "what CAN'T you do with this phone. I hear there is a storage compartment and a cigarette lighter on this phone. I think this is all Batman needed for his "Utility Belt". Can you hook this phone up to your printer? And then the questions begin... is it a "desktop" or a "phone pad" Time to change the button on the start menu, from 'my computer' to 'my phone'.  

Imagine all the room that can be made available on this desk, one item the size of the mouse (the black thing on the right of the keyboard)

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1 comment:

Douglas said...

Talk to me when it can brew coffee.