Saturday, February 27

See ya Later? or Just some cynical rantings of a Pirate

I have often wondered why I would need all these applications away from my desk? Email I can see,  personally, I just check when I get back home to my computer; you on the other paw might converse through the office via Email.  This is great, no, really... Its good to see the world going back to the telegraph days, through electronic connection; this  time. Good to see good ole American ingenuity never dies.

Back to "being in touch" by all, all the time...
Ok and then again I see... (was gonna mutter about 'do I have to take it out of the office?') And now I see some do office work outside the office, so we will just leave that  one a "never mind".

But honestly, Face Book? Myspace? Blogger? come on; these are all personal "social" sites. You can't tell me for a minute, or a nano-minute for that matter that fb, ms, or blogger have anything to do with your job.
And then... (I know a sentence shouldn't start with and or but) Don't you go out, other than work to socialize? Even shopping you might run into a friend, or perhaps make a new friend? So whats with My Space or Face Book going out and about with you? 

Weather sites? while I am out? Hell I know what the temperature is when I'm out. Yea its great to look over the forecast of the day, before you go out, once your out, just roll with it.

Pictures, now I'll have to give ya that one, and the videos the newer phones/cams can take. You got me on that.

GPS? come on.... If I don't know where I am or going, which I mostly do, all my working day; I look on a map. (I do drive as part of my job)

Guess I'm just as guilty as anyone for relying on electronic communication 24/7; progress, advancement and technology...

I just think back to the days.... cellphones were not around, computers where not in the home, talk to ya later meant hours, not minutes.

funny little story:
I was a youth, 8ish, If memory serves, at a friends house (this was in Georgia) getting a bit late. Friends mother come to me, "You want to call your mother, sweety, and tell her where you are?" To this I respond, " Does your phone have a dash on it, my number has a dash."  amusing 

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