Sunday, February 28

Me and Music

Reading through a bit of the suggested reading provided by the many blogs I am following. One in particular inspired this post which shall name several songs I think would describe me, my thoughts and feelings best.

Brain Damage- Pink Floyd: comes to mind first by not only the title but also some of the lyrics seems to describe me in many ways. I have been called a lunatic several times in my life, on the grass, in my head, I am not listening to that right now so the lyrics do avoid my thoughts.

Rambling Man- The Allman Bros.

Bring it on Home- Led Zeppelin

Magic Man- Heart: Not sure that pertains but I can dream, right?

Who's Crying Now- Journey: Found myself in that state many times this year

 I Can't Explain- The Who: need I explain?

Cinderella Man- Rush: If you know this song and know me and my past it does make sense.

Live and Let Die- Paul McCartney and Wings: We really don't have a choice in the matter

More Than a Feeling- Boston

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1 comment:

Eowyn said...

Ha! Excellent musical choices.