Saturday, February 13

Universal Right?

Gonna talk about space for bit. I know your telling me to back off the space talk Neo, You are more familiar in the Pirate stuff, buying and trading swords, and daggers and all that stuff. But really I am a one to have taken a real interest in the subject of science, space, space exploration and on that groove. Well...

Was reading a novel, science fiction, was for a class I took in school. The world in this novel, I really don't recall the title or the authors name. So on we go... the world in this novel was large, I mean real big. Jupiter ish in dimensions. This world, had a dramatically rapid rotation, so fast it had stretched the equatorial latitudes. Creating an oval shaped planet. There were 2 Breeds of intelegent life on this planet. The ones to the north and south of the equater  were of centipede physique. A large planet by theory would have a great amount of gravity. I suppose the author of the book was thinking along the lines of "the taller they are etc." So the indigenous life forms would be close to the ground. As you travel toward the equatorial regions of the planet you will start to see a more humanoid population as the planet rotates quickly and makes the gravity compensated with centrifugal force.

The class I was taking at the time was "The science in Science Fiction". We would read a book, and discuss the validity of science.  It was a very interesting class. I think of this class when I do catch a sci fi on the tube or in my reading. For example:
Star Wars- the scene where R2D2 is able to access the ships computer, the enemy vessle, and stop the garbage compactor on C deck or what ever. Now really... What are the chances of R2 having the proper connecting plug to the computer of the brand new, built to specs, super colossal planet destroying ship? Universal? excuse me.... I have a wireless phone that has a charger that won't work with my girlfriends phone; and they are the same company, and the same planet, much less from a different galaxy.

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Douglas said...

Isn't that what the battle between Apple and Microsoft is all about?

Anonymous said...

What a great resource!