Friday, February 12

Cash in relation to Money

Being the pirate that I am I did notice I was missing some tunes in my list. Eddie Money (really wonder if he is related to Johnny Cash) I don't remember having his music on a disk either. Greatest Hits worked for me... Now I did see him once at a local venue, night club/bar type place. A good friend of mine called up said, "I have 2 tickets to paradise, you in?" I caught the metaphor right away. It was what I would call an "after market" show. When the rocker featured is not exactly in "their prime" anymore; while still not being a "has been". It really was a good show, and I was close enough to see him as more than just an ant size figure on a stage.

Took about 20 mins to down load a torrent of about 13 tunes. Like I always said; if your gonna steal a song you may as well get everything you like from the artist. 

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