Friday, February 19

working again

Icicles have an eerie look in the light of the flash. 

Really what it on my mind is work... I am sitting here waiting on my light start up work day to begin. Couple trucks need to be taken in for service, oil change, brakes etc... After that I am not so sure what we will be taking care of. There are a few little preseason this's and thats to do so we will see. 

Green Monster is still in the shop working on the darn blower. Its been there about 2 days and no word yet on what the problem might be. All I know is the blower motor is not getting any power to it. Not knowing cars I have no idea what the next step would be. Check the wires plugs and fuses all the way back to the alternator/battery? Sounds a bit complicated for me.... just hope it doesn't cost to much to get it fixed. Pray pray pray!!

Turfman (the Boss) will be picking me up in a couple hours and we go to the shop. A few hours, tops I would think is all the work we can get done today.

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