Friday, February 19

The Saga Continues

The Green Monster lives up to her name. I take her in for a much needed repair on the "climate control" blower. This was mid morning 3 days ago. I called at least once a day, "just wondering what the status on the green monster is" This is a reputable shop I am working with now. The response was "have to track the problem, no power to the blower."
About 4:45 pm I get a call "the green probe is ready".... this struck me as odd. I never approved, never got an estimate, just was done. Good thing it wasn't a transmission in the neighborhood of $1900 I'll tell ya that story some other time. So the repair was about a hundred, I could handle that, but to just fix it with out letting me know how much it was gonna be? I'll have to announce that I would like an estimate before any work is done the next time. Then again, they did have to search to find the cause of the problem, and the labor to find it was probably more than the total bill came too. Green Monster is on the road again. This pic was taken a while back, before the flaking paint was real noticeable. I found this little monster about 3 years ago, and she really is not all that expensive to maintain.

seems like I'm gonna start accounting for 3 days with no car to get repairs done though.

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