Thursday, March 25

A Few More Hours

Alternator, fixed, man what trip. Finally found a garage I am comfortable with, have had a few repairs done. Satisfied for the most part. This last one was comical to say the least. "When do you need it back?" this was on Thursday, so I had a vehicle through work at my disposal, I tell him Monday would be nice. Roger answers, "ok, we can do that." I walk away confident that I will get the beast back after the weekend, with the "Cadillac" Ford F250 at my disposal for the weekend. so I get to work, do my job all day and near end of day I call Roger; looking for info on the ole Green Monster. "Give me a few more hours." At 3:00 pm, time of my phone call, I am thinking; this isn't so bad, instead of Monday I will get the car back on Tuesday. I can work with this. I let the anticipation go, and drive the Cadillac one more day, bad starter and all, I only had to tap the starter with a hammer a few dozen times this week. Tuesday, I call... same story, "few more hours" well... I am seeing a pattern here. Wednesday "working on it now, come get it at 7." I answer, how bout I pick it up tomorrow?" Call him one time this morning, usually wait till mid afternoon, but story hadn't changed, "few more hours" I was starting to get a little worried but I being the nice guy I am figure, I sure as heck can't work it myself, I call a little later. Finally, the answer I have been waiting on, "its done come get it." So to end the call I ask, "what's the damages?" at this Roger says "I haven't even put it to paper yet, had to add a belt" yata yata yata... I say "a few bucks more than the $215 you said?" barely had that but... 

Well a bit of a happy ending here, ends up costing less than what he had estimated, battery charges, but more to do. Seems I have an exhaust system malfunction some where... more repairs, will it ever end?

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