Saturday, March 20

Now I am tired

Perhaps a favorite, this is the biggest lawn Turfman has on the books. 235,000 square ft, rounded to about 5.5 acres. I took this shot this morning from the back edge, facing the house (in the upper left corner). My truck is there parked by the tree, I think its a maple; the tree, not the truck. The entire property is bordered by a dry stacked stone wall, which is quite impressive. Turf as far as the eye can see. This is one where the turf buggy saves the day. Its a nice lawn in the early spring for a Saturday job, weed control is limited on this application as the weeds are have yet to 'pop'. 2 guys on turf buggies can get this done by late morning. So... that's what I did this morning. I do think its funny the bench sitting out in the middle of the back yard; not shown in the pic there are about 4 crab apple trees just to the right of the bench. The lower picture is the same bench seen from the house. This lawn is actually a bit smaller than some of the yards in Indian Hill, a ritzy part of greater Cincinnati. The one thing I am surprised at is this lawn does not have a swimming pool in it, most Indian Hill residents have pools. There is a horse pasture here, of course it is not included in the "treated area" of the lawn. It goes with out say, I am about whipped, even riding this lawn out will take it right out of a person.

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