Friday, March 26

No Title

so here I sit, nice apartment, decent car (yea I do call her the green monster but you need to know the history) a job, yea... gotta have one of those, a cell phone and a computer. All I seem to be lacking is the laptop computer as mine is a desktop. kay... we be getting off the subject now. I have lots to be thankful for including my girlfriend, so lets carry on with the post. This particular post is going to be about some music. Now I would be nuts to post on music I don't like so obviously... this is music I do like. Several years ago, wow, almost or more than a decade ago; I spoke my appreciation of the band Yes to a friend. He responded saying something to the effect they needed to iron down and figure out who they wanted in the band. Now, if memory serves (well that rarely happens) this conversation took place after Walkman and Howe had left the band and the guitarist was Trevor Ravin and I didn't follow that line up close. I am unaware of the keyboardist's name (sounds like a job for Goggle). Before that I was not aware they did a major lineup change. Yes I am familiar with would be Anderson, Howe, Wakeman, Squire and Buford. I may end up proving myself wrong but, I do think that is Yes up to the Howe/Wakeman walk out. 

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