Sunday, March 28

Simple Man

Understand, I am simple, it does not and I do stress... NOT; take a rocket scientist to figure me out. I have been caught in the unfortunate trap of Face Book Zynga Games. The game I have chosen to fall victim to is Cafe' World. And I do try to use it as an educational game (note I started this sentence with and) So I am reaching to extend my culinary horizons. One dish in this game is called Herbed Halibut. I chose to make mention of this one because it takes 1 day to make and I don't have to think alot when scheduling this meal to be cooked. Basic question answered is What are you doing tomorrow at this time? Pretty easy to figure out. Oh and about the time; haha, who would take 8 hours to make bacon and eggs? But any way (another grammar mistake) the only time I have had halibut, that I can remember, was the time I went up to Trader Joe's.  Being there to get some wine,  I strolled around the market for a few and picked up a tin of Smoked Halibut. Now, it did have a rather "fishy" taste to it and I would say the "smoked" part made it a bit more palatable. I am however a big fan of seafood/ non-land food, if that works as a class. Fresh water fish is also a food I like; you can have the catfish though. On with my story... The game itself is in no way educational; dino eggs and brontosaurus ribs would be a hard meal to find which ever coast or continent you live on. It is a fun way to pass the time, do nothing and just plain hang around. Seems to work well as an estimated timer of sorts... look at the clock, computer says this will be done in 23 minutes, making it somewhat around 3:15, and I have to go check my laundry at 3:20. Ok, so were getting a little more complex than 45 from now will be... but like I said, I'm a bit on the side of simple, logical, but simple. 
        As for different foods and far reaching culinary treats I have had smoked eel; while staying with a family friend in Long Island. I was very young at the time. I would have to estimate it was one of the final times my family went the trip to New York in 1978, making me an old man of 15... almost 16. I just don't think children, for the most part, to be interested in "exotic foods". I was up for a different food. I suppose I was different in that way. Just cause I never heard of it, that doesn't make it taste bad. As taste goes, I think we "learn" to like some foods. Coffee, I don't remember tasting good, but I do drink it, black with no sugar, every morning.

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