Thursday, March 18

Steering Wheels and Skirts

Was told by a friend, a man of course; if it has a steering wheel or in a skirt it means trouble. I will vouch for the steering wheel part, will also... well not going to incriminate myself here, I love my girl friend. Its that dang steering wheeled object. Now last night, well mid-afternoon to most I get in my Green Monster and all is fine. Well almost anyhow. the alternator is going out, the motor runs hot most of the time (according to the gauge on the dash) etc etc etc... well you know the ordeal, used car no payments but repair upon repair. Park said vehicle at home and even went up to the store last night to get groceries, and needed items, all was fine. Get in the Green Monster this morning, after adding water to the radiator, needing to do that for a bit. It took say a 3/4 gallon or so, start it up first to get the "juices flowing" so to speak... sounded loud, obnoxious and... well not being a mechanic, nor mechanically inclined I don't know wtf.. the car just did not sound like it usually does. Oh, did I mention I am in love... girl friend is great :)... but the dang Green Monster, fix one thing and another goes wrong. Alternator is being fixed this weekend, still lots to go but it is better than a car payment.

So my friend at work, a little more inclined to the mechanical stuff tells me it sounds like a slipping belt, well I already know about this, thus the repair on the alternator. I said no, I mean the sound of the engine. He tells me it sounds like an exhaust leak. Well this certainly beats the idea I had which was a cylinder missing or timing jumped. 
       So my boss being the great guy he is lets me pick up the old truck that just sits at the shop so I will get to work tomorrow, and Saturday too, get the car back on Monday and go from there, another chapter in the dealings with The Green Monster.

Oh did I mention, I am in love!

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