Wednesday, April 28

don't be confused

    Not wanting to leave you confused... if you go to my blog home page, which obviously you have to be reading this, take note of my followers. Yes, 27 is not a huge number, but I can't control the numbers, at least not with magic wand or something. Take note please, one follower by the name of MsNeo, is not connected to me in anyway beyond a simple friendship. When this person came back to me to "be my friend" I was under the impression that she wanted to start over and be my girlfriend again. I will consider this to be failure #2... the first one I was at fault, at least 50%. I changed my ways, took the time to better understand what she needed. Invested time and energy to no avail. She still would not accept my love and therefore, is no longer aboard my ship. In a small way I will miss you, I just need more than you have to offer. there, said my peace or piece.

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Katey said...

sorry to hear things didn't work out, neo. u deserve better!!!!