Wednesday, April 28

Just another day

     Today promises to be a busy one. One neighborhood, 3 streets and about 23 stops. If there were any drive time there wouldn't be time to get this "route day" done in a reasonable time. To boot, this is the boss's neighborhood, might I say Turfman's house is looking great. In fact, all the houses on my route are looking pretty good. The recent rains helped out, lawns were starting to show some signs of 'heat stress'. Have I mentioned how much I like my job lately? Been doing this almost as long as I can remember. There are bad days, but they are not all that common and I certainly don't get bored waiting for the time to pass. Well, time draws near, I still have to make my lunch, and the other stuff I do to prepare for the day. I will be posting again, so for now my trusted reader, I must get busy.

     Well how do you like that, Turfman just text messaged me and we will be waiting an hour to let the frost thaw a bit... just my luck, late start on a busy day, so much for beating the traffic home. Well it is better this way as early spring frost can cause damage in the form of footprinting. A blade of grass with frost on it will break, rather than bend, the result being brown to black foot prints across the lawn where you have walked on the frozen turf. As a golf course will have a frost delay, so must technicians in the turf industry.

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