Saturday, April 3

Happy Easter to all. Even if you are a non-believer, skeptical, or not sure. It is a holiday set in the Spring, a time of changing seasons, new life and new beginnings. As for believers, it does mark the new covenant. A new beginning when you are not forsaken for simply making a mistake, or to be imperfect. Humans, told not to lie and yet, lies still come. Told to stay true, yet infidelity does exist. We all have our weakness, we all have our demons. It is a time of forgiveness. Which is what love is; I for one believe love is the purpose of life.
     The reason of this post was again to give my brain exercise, work on my writing skills, and of course, to show off my new phone cam. The bird is a rather small chicken, in the act of being cooked. I take it out every so often to baste and thought it would be an excellent chance to use my cam. I would say the bird is in this shot about half done. You know, cooking a bird is very therapeutic, I did also find this to be true on Thanksgiving. No stovetop here, I took the time to make my own stuffing, Its quite simple actually. Croutons, or dried bread, chicken stock (a chicken cube and a cup of water is plenty, for this small bird) celery, onions, and various other spices. Well I'm getting hungry, and chicken is on the menu.

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