Friday, April 2

Brief re-entry to blogging

Happens many times, I am "caught" aka busted, looking at her. This does seem strange as I have never been told it was against the law/rules/regulations to look at her. So she does immediately ask the age old question: "What?"
This seems to be an incomplete request. What are you looking at? What are you thinking? What...  I have always found this question to be a little on the side of aggregating. I don't know how to answer; so I do try to explain, I am just looking at you.
  Baffled.... "why did you have to say it that way?" Perhaps the statement that 'it' was in relation to struck a nerve? aka Hit a chord or in layman terms, blew my mind. Of course my favorite to memory would have to be the letter I dropped off. Beginning with the word PLEASE, no exclamation points in the 'text' and simply a request. The resulting conversation by phone of course started with "why did you have to write it that way?" My only response "Uh".
  Isn't Friday night supposed to be a night for dating? A time for lovers to go out and not always to the bar to consume alcohol? Why would she want to go out and not invite me? Seems her plans include going out with her X husband, which is cool, I would like to be friends with my X but X being X... well you might understand, she still seems to have animosity for the way I felt respect and discipline needed to be incorporated in raising our child. So starts the destruction of what I was trying to rebuild. I will say this time it is not my fault.
         Well so much for that topic. I have begun to do a little more exercise in my mornings. I have been, not without fail, been doing push-ups in the morning. Starting just a few weeks ago, I was doing 20. Finding I can do a few more in a series now. Up to 30, I for one, am impressed. Not so much a weight control thing, I was just getting tired of seeing the same scrawny body in the mirror. I have noticed a more defined chest lately, only been a few weeks of this.
Love of self; I see something I don't like, I do what I can to change it. Change is good, the more things change, the more they stay the same. 

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